PureVitality is a three-component natural, organic herbal supplement that eliminates parasites in a gentle way, over the course of a 25-day treatment.


70% of adult Americans have parasites in their body. Parasites are easily acquired from eating raw food, animal exposure or traveling in exotic countries, they cause chronic fatigue, lowered metabolism, mood imbalances, and worsened immunity




Darko A., 29

I've done many different parasite cleanses and a lot of research and found this herbal kit. Besides the actual cleanse itself, there is a very informative full size leaflet that comes with the package. The single packets simplify the entire process and it's so convenient so I don't need to carry the whole dose with me. Most helpful! Just love the simplicity of the whole kit I'm SOOO glad I finally found this after lots of trial and error.

Danny R., 24

I just returned from Bali and felt so uncomfortable having a bloated stomach. Never experienced it before so I did some research and almost freaked out!!! I found that I could have parasites in my body. Being curious to see if my suspicions were right, I heard from a friend about this PureVitality treatment so I decided to give it a try. I don't want to gross anyone out but this cleanse really does its job! I cannot believe I had worms in my body! Taking this cleanse as a prevention next time prior to my travel adventure.


Fast Facts - Did you know?

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Popularity of sushi has brought rise in parasitic infections

"Doctors have highlighted the need for awareness of anisakiasis, caused by the larvae of a worm found in contaminated undercooked or raw fish or seafood. Infected people complain of severe abdominal pain after eating raw fish, pointing out that “no effective pharmacological treatment is able to kill the larvae once eaten""


A parasite causing tropical disease transforms itself to hide from human immune system

"To evade the human immune system and enter red blood cells, a normally active gene in the malaria parasite nucleus goes into silent state—then switches back to active state when immunity wanes. This ability of the parasite to vary its surface and persist in the bloodstream for a long time can contribute to the development of severe disease"


Parasitic infections affect millions of people in the United States every year

"More than 60 million persons are chronically infected with Toxoplasma gondii - a parasitic infection caused by undercooked meat & contaminated water consumption. A very few infected people have symptoms because a healthy person’s immune system usually keeps the parasite from causing illness"


Why PureVitality?


Grab n' go packets - the most convenient solution for your herbal parasite cleanse

A cleanse will not be effective if you don't manage to consistently take your daily dose when you're supposed to. Rather than the headache of a dosing chart and a bunch of pill bottles, we've designed daily packets which contain the daily blend in a discreet to carry and easy to track grab'n'go form.


Gentle, specialized 3-step herbal cleanse protocol for lasting results without damage

The three-phase formula distinguishes PureVitality from other commercially available cleanses in the market. It is not enough to simply kill off parasites - it is also important to eliminate them from the gastro-intestinal tract, cleanse it, and then restore the naturally healthy micro-flora inside of lining of the GI tract. Heal, Revitalize, Glow!

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All herbal ingredients are organic and packed into 100% plant-derived vegetarian capsules

The quality of the ingredient determines how much of the effective substance gets absorbed into the body, and therefore the efficacy of the treatment. All herbal ingredients are packed into vegetarian capsules, as opposed to gelatin capsules that are made through a process that involves boiling down certain parts of animals as the shell of the pill.


Discover the best herbal parasite cleanse solution for your digestive system